UPDATED: What is even going on at Gawker???

FOR AN UPDATE – READ HERE:  Daily Beast – The Day Gawker Tore Itself Apart

I am interested in everyone’s thoughts here.

I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with the Gawker/Kinja sites, mainly because I thought they were far to judgmental on women and openly criticize others in a less than constructive way.  Now, I do not in anyway condone Conde Nast’s CFO’s behavior.  However, I’m not sure the reason behind outing a person in this fashion is the correct way to do it (but it is true to Gawker’s style).  This article attached makes a great case – this person was living their life quietly and wasn’t being a hypocrite by voting for anti-LGBT laws – the usual reason for outing someone in this fashion.

There is a legitimate First Amendment/Mutiny/Freedom of the Press situation going on over there.

These are the days I’m glad I run my blog on my own.

Read more about it:

CEO Took That Post Down

Gawker’s Media Editorial Response

This passive aggressive response that really cracked me up

And let me know your thoughts!  Its too early, and I’m not sure what I think about it…so give me more info!

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