#TFEL – When to Say No

I found an interesting article today from The BBC regarding something all people face, especially women and young people new to the corporate world.  The author, Rhea Wessel, suggests it may be our own fault when becoming overcommitted or overstretched when it comes to tasks at work.

I do disagree with the notion that we are all “pleasers” with low self esteem trying to make everyone happy – however, I do agree with this behavior when you are newer to a team or trying to “prove yourself.”

“On a lower level on a team, people are very scared to put their position in jeopardy. So, they take on too much and don’t say anything. It actually leads to very negative reactions within a team because they get overtaxed, they get snappy and it breaks communication.”

I know this is a behavior I definitely adhered to during my early years in my career (and can definitely say I still do this now, constantly trying to prove my worth).

Read the entire article here, and please provide in the comments your experience and your personal strategies to time management.  I think we all benefit from best practices!

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