#TFEL – The Struggle for Perfection

If you strive to live #TFEL, you are most likely a perfectionist.  Being a perfectionist is probably the most exhausting career choice out there – mentally, phsyically, emotionally, what have you.

The struggle for perfection has led me into a pretty severe journey through the world of Anxiety.  It is my personal opinion and experience that seeking therapy for anxiety in a high pressure executive level job is ESSENTIAL to your well being and productivity.  I will always be the first to be honest about my condition and the help I seek to continue living my life in the best way possible.

This article posted on GOOP today reiterates what I have learned from my therapist and through other people like me.  I know its hard to swallow, but there are times when I can believe it myself.

You can do this.  There are other people like you who struggle in the same way.  BELIEVE THAT and believe it is possible to live with and overcome.

GOOP: Why Perfection Is Not Possible

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