Choosing Me

This inspiring article was written by a friend of mine all the way to grade school. Please keep in mind, I respect all religions and normally do not include that as part of my rhetoric on this blog- so I ask everyone to be respectful of her thoughts. She makes an amazing point of learning to love yourself first to “know you are worthy of love in the first place.” I think she makes many points in this piece that is inspiring to any woman today regardless of their religion. Thank you for your insight and inspiration!

Legendary Living

I have been reflecting a lot lately on my views concerning marriage. A large part of why I want to be married is because I do believe it is a desire God has given me, and also a convenant God desires for His children. It is a gift from God, and a good thing.

I also recognize that a part of my want is NOT biblical, nor is it in any way connected to God. I have found myself believing marriage will cure lonlienes (LIE), it will validate that I am loveable (LIE), and it will prove that I am worthy because someone choses me(LIE). You see a trend here? Because I do!

I have a lot of lies floatinga around in my head concerning marriage, and I believe it’s time to rectify them.

The thing is, marriage cannot and will not do any of those things listed above. My…

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