#TFELBalance – Validation and Empowerment

Full disclosure:  I am in my early 30s, married without children (and 2 cats).  As of right now, that is by choice – and mainly for the reasons that I will share in today’s offering.

I have always been highly ambitious, through my schooling and most definitely in my career (I mean, why would I even have a blog called #TFEL?)  I have always seen this as a sign of higher evolution, the product of women’s rights and equality.  We owe this to the women who fought so hard for our equality (and still fighting, who am I kidding).  But, let’s look at this from a different angle – was I just scared that I would lose my ambition and intellect and finally my career if I decided to have children?  I have also felt at times it wouldn’t be fair to these hypothetical children for me to continue in this career (which I love) and not give the amount of attention I received from my mother (who also worked, but had summers off).  Its probably a healthy smattering of all of these thoughts that keep me up at night.

Have you heard about Laura Vanderkam?  According to her blog,” Laura Vanderkam questions the status quo and helps her readers rediscover their true passions and beliefs in pursuit of more meaningful lives.”  SOMETHING I HAVE DONE MY ENTIRE LIFE – QUESTION THE STATUS QUO.  I have attached some links to articles that she has written, as well as some interviews to give women like me validation that I am not alone in my concerns regarding work/life balance, and empowerment to seek alternatives.

Happy reading!

Laura Vanderkam’s Blog

Fortune Magazine – Women with big jobs and big families: Balancing really isn’t that hard

Refinery29 – This Author Argues Women Can Have It All

WSJ – Working Mothers Who Make it Work

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